The eleventh session of the Yunnan Tea Fair opened in Kunming more than 400 enterprises debut together

      The Eleventh China Yunnan Pu er Tea Expo trade fair (referred to as "Tea Expo") grand opening at the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center In July 28th. 20 thousand square meters of exhibition hall, there are more than 1000 standard booths, more than 400 enterprises from the province to bring their own special products and cultural exhibition.
      With 'the plateau characteristics, yun tea charm "as the theme, the field associated with the tea exhibition products amounted to more than a thousand tea Fair this year, not only the native of Yunnan tea enterprises, as well as from Beijing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Gansu, Xinjiang and Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan and other places hundreds of professional customers fully meeting to seek business opportunities.

      The exhibition mainly concentrated in 1, 2, 3, 7hall, the exhibition site, businesses tricks: fight tea packaging, spell specialties store, fight gift  heroic spirit.

      No. 1 exhibition hall focused on Lincang, Pu er, Dali, Baoshan, Dehong and other major industries producing areas of the brand of tea. While the tea packaging, tea machinery manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in the 2 exhibition hall. Love shapes and distinctive tea, tea to the main public hall 3 appreciation.

      In the Convention and Exhibition Center 7 Museum, staff wearing white national costume, field compacted Tuocha scene, attracting a large number of people onlookers.

      This Tea Expo from July 28th to July 31st, for a period of 4 days. Members of the public can not only admire tea, tea picking, tea, watch the identification of various types of tea, see the tea ceremony, workers in the field to rub the system, pressing tea process, understanding of tea culture.


Old tea head is a strange old man

      For the first time to see the old tea head, dusty, hard and stubborn, a block a block, no beautiful feel, like from the Mawangdui just dug out the antique, like that is too funny.
      Pu'er tea will produce a thing called pectin in the fermentation process. This kind of thing and tea mixed together clumping, this curious touch kind, called old tea head, is this thing, is hard and firm, not scattered, farmers want to untie old tea head by violence, results a failure, not broken into powder is unable to unlock, farmers disrelish a trouble, think of a feather flock together reason, simply put the old tea head in a place.
      The old tea head is a ton ripe puer tea just get about one hundred kg, I try to soak a few times. After washing the teapot, put old tea head into the teapot, directly with boiling water soak, water become cold and change water, generally old tea head can soak 30 times, I use the water bubble for a long time, the old man obstinate, in addition to coat dissolved apart, that stubborn skeletal almost no any change, I don't know whether it is stubborn and persistent, and finally kept for blisters for a whole day, the old tea head dissolved apart.
      Old tea head taste light, a start can't see a tea soup is good or bad, until the hot water persuaded the stubborn old man, it began a thick soup red, this fairly thick plump, tea also smooth.
      When you are tired, bubble a pot of old tea head, it is said that you can taste the deep history of taste and endless life.


Why puer tea packager so low?

      Compared to other exquisite tea packaging, the packaging of Pu er tea is a lot of simple. Usually with a piece of paper wrapped up on the good. So, why not give Pu'er Tea a better choice of packaging looks like some cut-rate cotton paper? There's a reason for it. In fact, this seemingly innocuous and some cut-rate cotton paper has a magical function.
      1.cotton paper strong permeability
      Compared to other tea requirements for the seal, puer tea don't need be isolated with the air, instead, a certain amount of contact with the air,  can promote the late transformation of Pu er tea. Therefore, breathable strong cotton paper can meet the requirements of Pu'er tea, neither area directly and air contact and reach the state seal is not, can be said to be Pu'er tea packaging choice selection.
      2.cotton paper can odor absorption
      The adsorption of tea is very strong, easy to be other flavor contaminated, one will be a series of taste, then a good cake of tea can be wasted in vain. The cotton paper has a very good odor absorbing function,  a certain extent to limit the smell in the outside, keep the pure puer tea flavor.
      3.cotton paper fit long time storage
      The characteristics of Pu'er Tea has a more older more fragrant , it is not like other tea easy expired. To buy back a lot of people will put a period of time to drink, there are many collectors, they collection a tea cake of ten or twenty years. At this time, metal cans, and so on, is not suitable for that. The cotton paper has put the characteristics of durable resistance. If stored properly, even if put on thirty or fifty years paper, can also be well protect tea.
      Now know why Pu'er Tea with cotton paper packing? Do not think that seller is a small business, to know that a small piece of paper in fact, it is not as simple as you imagined.
      Of course, now the cotton paper is not so monotonous, various design sense full packing cotton paper has a little better than other packaging material inferior


Talk about fermentation: ripe puer tea on behalf of processing so rampant, How to explain?

      I am a fermentation master, have a classical word in this industry: raw puer tea competition raw material, ripe puer tea competition technology.This sentence is very reasonable,but understand fermentation people think that the sentence have a very big the common mistake,In addition to technology,site and environmental constraints are a very important queation.

      status of ripe puer tea on behalf of processing
      At the Menghai Bagongli, a fact is, some new little brand, even in the industry some very famous enterprise lease site to fermentation,or buy raw mateiral use other people site on behalf of processing, or buy ripe Maocha has been fermented,All of above manners are on behalf of processing. so recently years, appeared a obvious trend,it is that product homogeneity is very serious, all of them is same taste.So now ripe puer tea competition marketing mode.spring tea fermentation ripe tea is coming, old tree ripe tea is coming, this is gimmick, it is a marketing mode to change overall situation by one point. Relatively speaking,systematic fermentation is very good, a type of comprehensive fermentstion from fresh leaf to warehouse.
                                   reason of ripe puer tea on behalf of processing
      Develop a fermentation site need time, as we know, in the process of fermentation, take advantage of microorganism have:aspergillus,penicillium, trichoderma, rhizopus, mucor, yeast and other microorganisms.But the dominant species and its composition ratio in the real environment is the need for a long time of rhyme and curing.
      Methods including nourishing, fermentation and fermentation is completed three methods of maintenance of spare time, the most important is often of fermentation, so continue to create suitable environment for microbial survival, let them occupy the dominant position in the production environment, and other non dominant fungi antagonistic, squeeze their living space and environment, in order to eventually occupy the dominant position in the micro ecological environment. Nourishing is the beginning of the process, and the maintenance is supplement fermentation of free time is in fermentation site vacancy with ripe tea ash floor, through watering, similar fermentation is a curing the advantages of microbial species and proportion method, so a mature fermentation field to form.
      These operations are of course is not a problem, the problem is it takes time, this way no less than artificial transformation of a micro ecological environment, microbes, between the dominant and non dominant microorganisms will continue to struggle, resistance, to compete for the limited survival environment and energy sources, appears repeatedly, and ultimately the formation of a stable microbial structure will be, fermentation environment renovation completed.
      How long does it take?
      Short is more than 10 years, long is twenty or thirty years, seven or eight years barely enough.
      This is in trouble, if their transformation that would be merry always be the wind and rain, day lily cold, quality is not guaranteed, why is it so, the generation process do, time-saving and labor-saving really worthwhile.

Negative factors of ripe puer tea on behalf of processing
      In terms of social division of labor,on behalf of processing is normal, but ripe puer tea on behalf of processing have queation.
      If your ripe puer tea on behalf of processing,where your fermentation technology from? Where your fermentation concept from? How to distinguish your product and other product? a enterprise not have themself fermentation site, just can specified materials,they can't discourse rights to speak.


The theoretical basis and the value of the blending of Pu er tea

      First, the blending of Pu er tea stems from the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine "compatibility". Puer tea at the ancient, until the Qing Dynasty, and traditional Chinese medicine have very deep origin. This is because China's Chinese medicine theory is known as the "medicine food homology", they think that puer tea is not only a thirst drink, also has "oily solution, sober up" effect, is a health care function of special drinks on the human body. Qing Dynasty famous pharmaceutical Home Zhao Xuemin in the writings of the "supplement to compendium of Materia Medica", Pu'er tea in the name of the medicine into them. The relationship between traditional Chinese tea cream and local Chinese herbal medicine in Yunnan.
      Second, the history of the famous tea production basically from the time of the tea distribution center, to provides the resources guarantee for the blending of Pu er tea. When we open the history, we can see, the emergence of Pu'er tea history every hot transfer and classic tea, are accompanied by tea collecting and distributing center of the transfer and the rise. Therefore, the so-called traffic inconvenience, is relative, not absolute. A case study of Yunnan Yi Wu town. During the reign of Daoguang in Qing Dynasty, when the six Dasan "chief" Yibang Dasan decline, easy Wu Chashan rise rapidly, become the six Chashan tea distribution, production and tea horse road of origin, thus creating a Pu'er tea "Yi Wu era". The meantime, tens of thousands of people flocked to Yi wu, open the tea garden, tea shop. Decades, Yi Wu, mountain tea, tea everywhere, business travel constantly, faction prosperity. During this period, six large tea mountains  60% to 70% of tea, several in the local processing and sales, road and along the eleven leading to the outside, sold in all directions. We are now known as Pu'er tea classic tea, which part is from Yi Wu, such as Tongqinghao, Qianlizhen Songpinhao, Tong Xing, Fu Yuan Chang, and Cheshun, Qingchun, etc..
      Third, the blending of Pu er tea is focused on the "advantages" of the contents of tea ". As we know, the production of different tea, different regions of the sun dried maotea is different, its taste very different. This difference not only reflects the difference in the content of aromatic substances, but also reflects the contents of some subtle differences. How to judge the difference, and this difference will be the effective and reasonable "reorganization" and "fusion", to create a better quality of Pu erh tea products, from ancient times to the present, Pu'er tea is always the pursuit of dreams. The purple bud tea as an example, the Tang Dynasty Lu Yu's "tea" records "tea, purple for", refers to the purple bud tea. Amino acids, flavonoids and other substances contained in the purple bud tea was higher than that in Yunnan many areas sun drying maocha, the anthocyanin content was the highest. What are the anthocyanins? In brief, Anthocyanin is a two stage metabolic product of plant, which is a kind of water soluble pigment. It has a variety of benefits to the human body, can enhance the body's blood vessel elasticity, improve the circulation system and enhance the skin's smooth degree, at the same time, can also inhibit inflammation and allergies, improve the flexibility of joints. However, if one of the purple bud tea, pure material or a material outlet of raw material selection (source: www.puerzg.cn), the effect is very poor, soup color is muddy, bitter taste very heavy, after drinking, will because of too much resistance and make the body appear in a variety of discomfort symptoms; but will it blend into other materials, or to other drying green Maocha based, supplemented by it and the content of control in less than a fifth of, the soup color, taste, inclusions have greatly improve. If the purple bud tea more reflected the medicinal value of tea words, proper configuration is very important, because the traditional Chinese medicine theory itself to fit principle, large volume is not good.
      Fourth, the blending of Pu er tea can form the step transformation of the subsequent fermentation of Pu er tea. The fermentation of Pu er tea is a process, because it is a solid state fermentation, it is necessary to require it to have a sense of hierarchy. Cake tea to follow the fermentation, for example, it is required to suppress the tightness of the cake tea, that can not be too dense (tight pressure over), and can not be too loose (clearance is too large). In order to meet the requirements of the process, only with the physical method (stone mold and machine pressing) cannot be solved, because the tea contains large amounts of fiber material, and fiber material is elastic, heavy pressure method is used to even when pressed, but after a period of time and recovered to a certain extent. To solve this problem, a best way is of different grades of raw materials of reasonable matching, with seven tea "skeleton", with three or five tea "add to fill a vacancy". The construction of the network framework can make the tea appear in a sense of hierarchy, and make the subsequent fermentation appear step by step. Meanwhile, It is a misunderstand, think the puer tea grade, the higher the better, On the other hand, lower grade, less nutrition, This is because the identification of puer tea raw materials to apply the method of sensory evaluation of green tea and other types of tea, and traditional tea to identify a great difference. Taking the content of total sugar in the raw materials of Pu er tea as an example, the result of the authoritative department was the highest content of the seven tea. This is reason that seven grade tea has been widely used in cake tea, not is shoddy,  deceptive behavior of reduce the cost, the rough and old tea is not only tea cake forming the main mesh skeleton, also because of the characteristics of the embedded material, making it become Pu'er tea subsequent fermentation and transformation of the "backbone".
      Fifth, the blending of Pu er tea is a very personalized color technology. Every classic tea products, whether it is spread over a hundred years old tea, or in recent decades of "new", have their own unique "tea", as long as we deeply experience, will find the differences between them, even if some subtle differences. This difference has a strong personality, will make our taste profound memories and impressed. This feeling, or quality, is not simply a "pure material" and "a mouthful of material" can be given to the. More is the wisdom of the year round experience of tea producers summed up the wisdom of crystallization, is a superb technology to fight with the fruit". More important is, this spell with technology since ancient times is not the "format" and "pattern", not static, in every age, the business of tea, can according to their understanding of nature, understanding of tea, through a variety of practice to create higher quality products. This space is still very wide even in the present. "There is no best, only better" is probably the eternal theme of the blending process of Pu er tea.

Select the suitable Chinese tea from the angle of Chinese Medicine

      No matter what type of tea to drink, the proper occasion, the appropriate time, appropriate people, drink the appropriate tea, so as to play the best effect, play a good health care efficacy. Chinese medicine believes that the constitution have hot and cold, and the tea have cold and warm  through different processes, so different constitutions tea also has exquisite. Below, we will come to explore!
      About China six large tea types
     The tea types is very much,  China is the largest. At present, there is not a unified method of tea classification, according to different standards have different classification methods. According to all kinds of tea in the tea polyphenols oxidation polymerization degree of easy to digest and sum up all kinds of tea into six categories, that is, green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, dark tea and black tea.
     China six large tea types natural introduce

      Chinese tea mainly divided into Green Tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, dark tea, black tea six categories. This six kinds of tea are different, this basically is according to the tea fermentation degree from low to high. Generally speaking, green tea, yellow tea, white tea, due to the low level of fermentation, belong to cold tea; oolong tea belongs to the neutral tea; black tea, Pu'er tea belongs to warm tea.
      Different body constitution drink different tea
      According to traditional Chinese medicine, people's physique is divided into hot and cold, so people have different physical constitution. In general, dry and hot physique, should drink cold tea, for example, have smoking and drinking habits, body fat, easy to get angry (Hot constitution) should drink cold tea. And stomach deficiency cold, eat some cold diarrhea or a physique weaker person (physical deficiency), should drink neutral tea or warm tea. Easy to get angry should drink green tea and Tieguanyin, Often diarrhea drink oolong tea and Pu'er tea.
The nine type of physiques and the six major tea type table:


Zijuan--A kind of tea that is different from purple buds

Zijuan Tea
      Zijuan tea belong to varient of puer tea, is a kind of specific variety of Yunnan big leaf tea tree varieties, Zijuan tea tree is little macrophanerophytes,Branch spread,have features of purple stem, purple leaves, purple bud: Semi woody stems purplish red,the woody stems are brown and green;leaves is ellipse, color is green, have a little purple; Bud is purple and have many villus. In 1985, Scientific and technical personnel of Yunnan Tea Science Research Institute find a tea tree that a bud,leaves and stem is purple in more than 600 thousand strains of Yunnan large leafed variety tea gardon.Its fresh leaves is producted into roasted green tea and fresh tea leaves is purple, tea soup is purple too, pure aroma, strong taste.due to the tea tree have purple bud, purple leaves and purple stem,and roasted green tea and tea soup is purple too,so use a dream of Red Mansions "Zijuan" named "Zijuan tea", Zijuan tea tree belong to little macrophanerophytes, large leaves variety middle bud type, belong to product green tea type. The shape and the original species groups (purple bud) is similar, but the aroma and taste very different, not suitable for sun dried Maocha.
      According to the analysis of Yunnan Province Tea Research Institute of biochemistry research, by Zijuan tea varieties of tea one bud two leaves of steamed green tea polyphenol content was 35.52% and amino acid 3.49%, the water extract 44.585; summer red black tea theaflavins content was 0.91%, tea and red 6.99%, theabrownin 5.86% and sense of officer identified strong intensity score was 34.7, refreshing degree score 37.6.

      Zijuan "dried bean curd Tan Ze purple black, tea is pale purple, mellow aroma, Sauvignon back to Gan, and has certain health care function. In 1991, Yunnan pharmaceutical research used "Zijuan" tea buck animal experiments. The results show that "Zijuan" tea depressurization amplitude (35.53%) was better than that of Yunnan big leaf groups for green tea (29.04%). Other after more than hypertension patients taking "Zijuan" tea, reflect the good curative effect that "Zijuan" tea has some medicinal value.
      From 1999 to 2000, province tea Institute of scientific and technical personnel carried out "special purple tea (tea Zijuan) natural antihypertensive substance of (Ministry of Agriculture Tea biotechnology Key Laboratory fund project), the results showed that the" Zijuan "tea flavonoids, caffeine, zinc, anthocyanins and other substances in large leaf tea is high than in the control. According to the study, "Zijuan" tea with high content of flavonoids, zinc and supernormal anthocyanins are present significantly lower blood pressure of the main material.
      "Zijuan" has the characteristics of cold resistance, drought resistance, disease and insect resistance ability, cutting propagation and transplant survival rate is high, suitable for in the warm, moist and plenty of sunshine, fertile soil (pH 4.5 - 5.5) of the ecological environment in growth, at an altitude of 800 - 2000 meter Yunnan main tea producing area planting, has been popularized in Xishuangbanna, Puer, Lincang, Baoshan District tea planted 3000 acres. In 2005, "Zijuan tea" by the State Forestry Administration of the right to the protection of new varieties of plants.
      Zijuan, with an average altitude of 2600 meters, year-round wind around the clouds, temperature difference between day and night 15 DEG C, the original ecological preservation best place - Yunnan Province wa mountain. Yunnan Dayezhong is a rare and unique varieties, and for more than 100 years of tree natural variation. Because rare highlights precious. This product selects the purple tea pure material, the traditional handicraft production. Pie full of atmosphere, of the cable tight node handsome, dry tea color glossy black oil lubrication; liquor color bright, aroma fragrance, full taste, taste moist cotton slip, Qingxin Runfei, quite and beautiful trait. Cup of fragrant lasting, durable foam, thick soft soft. Dr. Wang Meijin after drinking tea sigh said "the white boiling water is Zijuan, drink sweet".

      Antihypertensive effect
In 1991 by the Yunnan Institute of Pharmaceutical Research Institute senior engineer Lin Yongyue, who used the weight of 2.5 ~ 3.5kg
Zijuan tea bud germination period in late February, late March to early April for a clover bud stage. Bud strong, germination medium density, leaf bud purple, a fat, hair, tenderness strong. One bud and one hundred bud weight is 115g. Cuttage is progenitive ability, high survival rate, cold resistance, drought resistance, disease and insect resistance strong, large leaved species planted in suitable, cultivation methods with Yunnan Dayezhong. The varieties of tea in moderate yield. According to Yunnan Province tea of the test, the experiment 6 ~ 10 underage tea average per mu yield of dry tea 103.3kg.
According to the analysis of Yunnan Province Tea Research Institute of Biochemistry, by Zijuan tea varieties of tea one bud two leaves the cat was repeatedly hypotensive experiment, the results show that, Zijuan green tea, depressurization amplitude is 35.53% than Yunnan large leafed tea (29.04%). At present, Yunnan Province Tea Research Institute developed based on Zijuan antihypertensive health tea, is increasing Zijuan tea varieties breeding, and expect to take advantage of the development, in losing weight, lowering blood sugar and so on.


Wonderful work in Pu er tea---Purple bud tea

      The purple bud system is a variant of the original species of Yunnan population. Buds is purple, from large- leafed macrophanerophytes tea tree. Usually case is trefoil is purple and subsequent leaf Shishen green, Menghai, Yi Wu, Lincang, and other high altitude regions have a little quantity.
      Purple bud can be directly made into puer tea drinking, due to less production, the price is relatively high. Wild purple bud tea leaves is purplish red, old leaves are green. Wild purple bud tea made of large- leafed sun dried Maocha, dry tea color half green half purple, purple part leaves bottom is purpl, this is the obvious characteristic of wild purple bud tea.
      Wild purple bud tea made compressed tea, Compressed tea full body have Gold Pekoe and glossy, brewing, a shares a unique fragrance, the taste of fresh sweet refreshing, tea soup yellow bright, aroma and taste has different from ordinary sun dried Maocha.
      Purple tea. The embryo carrying local maternal genes, its essence is a kind of tea varieties: for tea breeding in the process of pollination. Pollen carrying the derived from different parent strains with the gene and combine to form the seeds have different combinations of genes, so the occurrence of the next generation of tea red leaves, green leaves, big leaf and leaflet, round leaves, long leaf, teeth sparse, dense tooth variation.
      Yunnan has a large number of color variation of the tea tree, which is often accounted for more than two or three of the total number of tea forest, and the characters of each plant, taste is not the same. Usually the color of the tea tree variation is purple, yellow, red and so on. The variation of the species may be in two directions, some of which may be better, and may also be worse.
      "Purple tea" or "Purple bud" title, a common name in the tea area, there is no scientific basis or division. Usually just leaves purple tea primary show purple, carried out to the three or four leaf will restore the green. The purple bud and Zijuan the most obvious difference is that "The purple bud tea is natural, Zijuan tea is artificial behavior is improved varieties". And taste slightly pale and bitter taste. There is a gap between the original and the purple bud Zijuan, the aroma of yang. But there are many mistaken purple bud.


Because a type tea, fell in love with a mountain

      Meet, just the beginning of a story. If you meet the Pu er tea, then started a story.
      Lunch time, brew a type tea.
      The faint fragrant orchid impinge upon nostrils,Undisguised itself incense.
      Jing Mai mountain, what a beautiful name, like a dignified and elegant girl, in the mist shrouded between, albeit not very clearly, quite the arms of Pipa half block face. People can not wait to open her mysterious veil.
      This tea soup color golden bright, orchid fragrance. The bottom of the cup have a long time aroma, more than 10 times still can smell. This fragrance should be the greatest advantage of this tea, so that people are excited.
      With a variety of ways to quickly inquire about her all, The mountains around here,rounding ranges of hills,have beautiful mountains and rivers, the four seasons are like spring,the flowers are blooming, fruit growing in close clusters,the natural scenery is very beautiful. The clouds and mist drift trough the mountains,yamashita cloud sea boundless, As the world land of idyllic beauty.
      Deep in the mountains is located the seat of a simple and beautiful minority village, ancient and traditional architectural style, simple and elegant, and here the beautiful landscape and the Millennium million acres of ancient tea forest make echoes is here to add a somewhat mysterious sense. Life of the people there Yishanbangshui, Richuerzuo, sunset and interest rates, and the ancient tea trees of the concomitant with their diligence and wisdom, nurturing the tea.
      Read the introduction about her, really want to personally to a trip to the mountain, to feel the quiet deep in the jungle, to feel surrounded by the mountains, to experience the Xanadu rustic life.
      Some people say that go to the mountains can be washed away from the busy city of fatigue, but also can change their habits, but also allow themselves to have a clear mind to know their own thoughts. There is no noise, no troubles.
      Just soak a cup of tea, taste slowly, enjoy the mist shrouded the mysterious feeling, will bring is the quiet Zhiyuan, mood, and will make you a long time can not be calm, a heart full of equipment is the beautiful scenery there.
      Some people fall in love with a city because of a person, so there is a tea, maybe you fell in love with the mountain. The story is just beginning.


The traditional technology of producing Pu er tea— pick fresh leaves

      A lot of people know that tea production method has the difference between ancient techniques and modern technology, today we see fresh leaf picking principles of time difference.
The traditional technology of producing Pu er tea— pick fresh leaves
      In accordance with the principles of "ancient way product tea " , we will use "Haojicha" as the standard reference, you will find, these tea almost no bud head. That is to say, when the tea buds sprout in the spring, Yunnan farmers did not seize the day, a race against time. But quietly waiting for the bud to continue to grow, to develop into a leaf. This is one of the way.
      Second, by the most famous several type "Haojicha"  after dissection, more than 70% of its tea between the 5cm-7cm, if taking into account the fresh leaf processing natural contraction principles (rolling, drying green, pressing, fermentation, will make a substantial contraction in the fresh leaf tissue, even the dry tea water immersion after is less than fresh leaf size principles) , the original fresh leaf size should be between 7cm 9cm. This also shows that even at the head of the bud to show, there is no hurry to pick, it completely mature, become in leaves, was shown between green and dark green leaves have obvious convex noodles before picking. The time of picking fresh leaves should be in the middle of spring. Although Yunnan tea producing areas in Jiangsu and Zhejiang as early in the spring than for nearly a month, but the new tea market is later than that of Jiangsu and Zhejiang principles "Mingqian tea principles" from Taipei. Of course, this also has a longer processing cycle of tea factors. Moreover, ancient tea and tea platform picking fresh leaves, ancient tea trees and tea platform than germination also about half a month later.

After detection and comparison show:
      First, the bud of spring tea just germination, not suitable for the raw material of the tea. Because it is too young, not Pu erh tea process of rolling, drying green, pressing and other sectors, is easy to form debris.
      Two, bud head have high water content, the chemical index is generally low, especially phenols less. The fermentation substrate less present, not long fermentation time. This is main reason that bud head not to as Pu'er Tea the main raw material.
      Third, Yunnan puer tea have some bud head, Widely used in Pu'er Tea "Scatter the surface",Also made of pure buds.Such as the Royal Pu'er tea, golden bud,, but the basic are buds nature, for big bud head, and is different with burgeen in green tea. Yunnan Province since the founding of new China in 1949, only a few enterprises maintain part of Pu erh tea production principles, the majority of enterprises all green tea and black tea processing. When the beginning of the 1990s, Pu'er tea export orders increased, these enterprises and the reversal of the production of tea when, the familiar green tea preparation method become a habit, A green tea product principles of "bud is important" become a habit, and into modern Pu'er tea production. This is different between ancient product puer tea and now product puer tea.
      Four, In the spring, leave have more than 7cm, the nutrition of plant pigment content in the highest, and the tea polyphenols, catechin of EGCG, tea saponin test not only higher than the annual average and all of mainland China tea producing area content highest. This is not our unique discovery, first obtained in the early 1964 national census results in tea.
      As a result, we can draw such a conclusion: Pu'er tea fresh leaf picking in normal year(no drought, freezing to death and other reasons) should from every spring, the middle time to the end of spring and early summer the best principles.
      Many experts and business of tea, to the point of view to a negative attitude, the main reason is in early spring tea aroma better, even available "taste soft, lingering fragrance, less bitter taste" principles. But the spring end of the tea is not only the lack of aroma, and the bitter taste worse. In fact, is still thinking of green tea. The most significant difference between puer tea and green tea: green tea is tender leaf, amino acid content, the higher the better, the parable of the image is Jiangnan Qing Dou inaugurates the subdebutante; while the puer tea is different, because puer tea is a product of the fermentation, and the fermentation time is longer, the better. This requires the fresh leaves of tea in tea on the retention time is slightly longer, constantly accumulated various phenolic substances, for subsequent fermentation provides rich material basis. And this Pu erh tea initial performance must be bitter taste, the difficult entrance, is typical Ugly Duckling, just after become White Swan.


Talking puer tea from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine

      Tea is the medicine of all of the disease.
      Pu er tea is good, more and more people's affirmation. With the development of science, scientists have proved the advantages of all the parties through the technology. So, how to see from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pu er tea?
      From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, brown red Pu'er belongs to fire, of temperature, taste slightly bitter also belongs to fire, its light taste, Guipi territories. In general, the warming and nourishing the spleen and stomach and dampness. The growth environment in Yunnan, Yunnan mountains high and very much, gas the thick, so Puer tea have rustic thick tea, so the role of Pu'er tea warm stomach, helping digestion must stronger than other tea.
      New Pu'er was born tea bitter flavor is heavy, infiltration and reducing power of sharp, help digestion of the power stronger, fasting drinking is really not easy to accept. The finest ripe tea taste mellow mild, moderate forces in the lingering, is more likely to endure, the smell of warm Danzhi significantly after the bubble number, of spleen deficiency with wet physique of the people into a frenzy of benefit.
      To the tea, Zhao Xuemin was a famous medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty in the book "compendium of Materia Medica pick sent" cloud: "Pu'er tea and warm Wei Shiang... In six tea mountains, Yibang, pretty brick tea flavor is thick. Bitter taste of the moment, Greasy solution and solution of cattle and sheep poison, A weak person can't drink it. Bitter and astringent to remove phlegm and under the gas, blows the intestines to pass the diarrhea. Pu'er Tea paste as black as lacquer, etc. first, green is a plus. Xiaoshi phlegm, clearing stomach fluid, especially also skill."
      Tibetan proverb to the evaluation of Pu er tea is: "heat! Add the Xia heat! Gasoje!" meaning is "Tea is blood! Tea is meat! Tea is life!". That is a high evaluation of the role of Pu er tea in the Tibetan people's life (mainly refers to the digestive function). Tibetans are in cattle and sheep meat and butter as their staple food, robust of Pu erh tea helps digestion, solution greasy effect just benefit, so the evaluation is very high, but also should permit the Zhao Xuemin exposition.
      Although the Pu'er tea helps digestion, oily solution, but also need to pay attention to is that traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes a balance of yin and Yang, emphasizing the medication should be "without (too much)" and avoid "not enough" and not to commit "deficiency syndrome (the weak more empty)" the disadvantages, classical Chinese is always stressed the maintenance of righteousness (constitution and disease resistant force). Medication, tea is also the same. Therefore, according to the individual constitution and the specific circumstances of the time appropriate to drink tea, is in line with the dialectical theory of Chinese medicine and the rational choice of health.


Neglected market demand: the needs of patrons

      Almost all of the tea enterprises in the production and processing products have ignored such a thing: that is the market demand. Each tea enterprises all take it for granted that their products are unique, after the listing, if the market performance is not good, it must be patrons do not understand tea, conditions of tea enterprises usually spend a lot of manpower and material resources to do some publicity campaign around like the taste of the tea, After activities tea no longer cares.
      For this phenomenon, it is called the inertia of consumers, it is also known as the product of the difficult landing. In short is a word, tea do come out, the propaganda cost a lot of effort, the result of tea did not sell out. Then into inventory, called "good tea Buchoumai, put more valuable." Such a product, there is a two model can accept, there are many more than I am afraid that the large number of tea enterprises do not have to eat. Want to have a good day, or the goal of the tea sold out on this matter.
      Selling tea that is simple and simple, say complex and complex. Mainly is the concept of change, the production of tea, tea drinkers consume what tea "into" what kind of tea for the tea drinkers, I produce what kind of tea. "
      Tea enterprises to do the product first to understand the consumer, to understand the consumer market demand. If a brand has 1 million iron powder, as the leader of the enterprise at least to understand that the number of people who are 1 people who are too light, and how many people are more emphasis on taste.
      For the light taste of the people, love is the love of tea tea aroma or soft degree, and so on. When there is such a demand, the tea prices in accordance with the habits of consumers have planned for the production of products, this is not to say that simple to meet, but to enhance the expectations of consumers.
      As a part of consumers like fluid back to Gan domineering, the tea enterprises can according to these consumer preferences and the corresponding product, in the fluid back to the domineering GaN based on doing a product upgrade. When new products come out, let this part of the consumer to see the quality of new products, in this case, as long as the price is reasonable. I can't think of a reason not selling products.

      Ignore market demand is the current common tea enterprises, if there are tea enterprises can be a good solution to this problem, even if the market is cold, the tea enterprises will still have a spring.